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Joyce Fiodembo is a nurse and author. You can find plenty of resources on her blog;, where she writes to inspire and uplift nurses to thrive. Joyce is the author of “The Foreign Nurses Guide to Settling in America” and “How Nurses Cope with Difficult Coworkers” found on Her other book "Reflections and Prayers for Nurses" can be found on She started her career in Kenya where she worked as a travel, ICU and operating room nurse. Joyce works with nurses who may be struggling with cultural challenges, equipping them to settle down easily. She is also a career counselor, helping nurses with interview skills and resume writing among others. Currently working in Ohio, she enjoys volunteering for mobile clinics abroad. Joyce is passionate about writing and currently has a website with a goal of inspiring nurses worldwide. You can visit her website at
How to Benefit from Group Projects

  Assignments are always a challenge in college, viagra but the parts most students struggle with are the group projects. Many nursing students wonder why instructors make them work in a group. If you explore deep into the teaching profession, drugstore you arrive at the conclusion that good teachers are …

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Foods Nurses Should Eat During Exam Time

  Taking exams can be a time of great anxiety.  Exams can perturb the nerves of even the most organized and self-assured student.  However, accomplishing excellent grades is vital for nearly every student. You need to remain alert to learn, and in order to do this, you need to eat …

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5 Foods to Help Nurses Reduce Stress

All nurse experiences stress in some way or form while they are at work. The stress may be caused by your heavy workload, for sale or the difficult patients you encounter. Patient’s family members may make demands you cannot fulfill, which simply adds to your stress. There are lots of …

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How Nurses Can Negotiate a Higher Salary

Do you believe everyone who works with you earns the same pay? It may be true in some organizations, site but don’t be surprised if you learn that even though you may all have the same qualifications, your coworker may start at a higher pay than you. Learning to negotiate …

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Things nursing school does not prepare you for

As much as the nursing curriculum tries to cover all areas you’ll deal with once you graduate, there are some things you will simply learn on the job because no school will have time to teach you. I don’t want you to get surprised when some of these things happen …

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Stress Related Illness Nurses Face

Nursing is a career that’s very demanding. Nurses ought to be aware of how the demands of the job can affect them because they tend to care for everyone else, cialis and forget to think about their bodies. Stress related illnesses can creep upon nurses if they are unaware. In …

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5 Tips to Improve the Nurse-Physician Communication

Some physicians are difficult to work with, sales and the nurse-doctor communication can be strained when working with such doctors. However, viagra sometimes the nurse causes the strained communication by not having all the information the doctor needs at hand. In this article, treatment I want to discuss some blunders …

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5 Tips on How to Survive the Toxic Workplace

Having your dream job is what all nurses’ desire. When you apply for a position, click it’s always so gratifying when you do the interview and get the position. Joan was a new nurse; she longed to work in the surgical unit. She felt she would do best with post-operative …

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How to Stay out of Trouble When Using Social Media

How to Stay out of Trouble When Using Social Media Social media has made It easy to get in touch with friends using Facebook, cheap and hold meetings on Google hangouts without having to travel to any particular venue. With a lot of good, no rx also comes the negative. …

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5 Tips You Need to Stay in Nursing School

  5 Tips You Need to Stay in Nursing School   Nursing school can be stressful and demanding. Many of you join with very good intentions of completing. However, pilule many students dropout and never graduate because of various reasons. In this article, I want to discuss five tips that …

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