18 Enlightening YouTube Videos About Gerontology and Aging

Many people are afraid of aging. But, the American population is aging at a rapid pace, now that baby boomers are hitting retirement age. This makes gerontology and other careers related to aging ones that are full of opportunity. There will be no bigger opportunities in healthcare over the next 15 years than those in gerontology. If you’re interested in the field, it makes sense to learn more about it. Here are 18 videos from YouTube on gerontology and aging that we think you’ll like.

  1. USC Gerontology: Interviews with recent graduates of USC Davis’ Gerontology program.
  2. What is Gerontology: Learn all the facets that make up the field of Gerontology. Gerontology is a wide ranging field, with many different types of job opportunities.
  3. Healthbeat: Gerontology: This video from Healthbeat features a gerontologist discussing her work.
  4. USC Davis: Gerontology: John Walsh: John Walsh, professor of Gerontology at USC Davis, discusses the profession and the program at USC Davis. This video focuses on the lifestyle of older adults. This video stresses how, with proper medical care, the last years of a person’s life can be the most fulfilling and enjoyable.
  5. Why is Gerontology Important to Me?: This video discusses gerontology and its importance in medicine and in creating an active lifestyle for older adults.
  6. A Day in the Life of a Gerontological Nurse: Learn about gerontological nursing from this “day in the life” video.
  7. Stroke Treatments in Gerontology: Learn about the advancements in treatments for stroke in gerontology patients.
  8. Geriatrics: Dementia, Delirium and Depression: Learn about depression, dementia and delirium, three problems that are common when treating older patients.
  9. Careers in Aging: Learn about the different career opportunities in the field of Gerontology and aging in this video from USC.
  10. Evelyn’s Life Story: Hear about life from a woman who was born in 1900. This is the first of four videos about Evelyn and her life. If you enjoy this one, you can find the other three parts on You Tube, too.
  11. Gerontology and Feeling Older: Bess Mae Jones discusses issues in gerontology and aging. This video covers a wide range of issues facing older adults in America, particularly important as our population ages.
  12. Aging in America: This video talks more about how America’s population is aging and the effects of it. This video gives an enlightening look at the challenges our country faces as we begin to have the oldest population our country has ever known.
  13. Oldest Validated People: This video shows the people who have lived to be the oldest, and had it validated.
  14. Societal Issues for Seniors, Success in Aging: This video talks about some of the social issues faced by older people, and how they can live full lives as they age.
  15. Will You Care for Me?: This video and song does a good job of expressing the sentiments of older people as they find themselves aging and alone.
  16. The Art of Aging: Celebrating the Authentic Aging Self: This is a very interesting video from a couple of artists who are embracing aging and working to encourage others to do so as well. Their work celebrates the wisdom of the older individual.
  17. Healthy Brain Aging: This video from UC Davis explores healthy brain aging. It discusses the diversity in brain aging and how there are so many levels of cognitive ability in older adults.
  18. Why Fight Aging: This video from Dr. Aubrey de Grey discusses keeping the brain healthy as we age so that getting older is an enjoyable time of life, full of activity and life.

Gerontology is a rewarding field. In many cases, people who are aging are alone, and look to their medical professionals and care takers as friends and companions. Working with them provides and emotional fulfillment in addition to a professional one. Careers in the field of gerontology and aging are growing, and job opportunities are easy to find. If you choose gerontology, you’ll be embarking on a career that is secure and fulfilling.

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