5 Excellent iPad Apps for Nurses

With the release of the iPad, nurses now have access to a robust tablet that many industry insiders believe will revolutionize the healthcare delivery system.  The iPad, with its 9.7 inch 1024 x 768 crystal clear screen, will allow healthcare providers to enter, review, and compare health records at the bedside.  While such capability has existed for several years, the platforms have not been widely utilized by the industry.  The iPad’s hardware and versatility, with the capability of running thousands of third party applications, presents a valuable tool to nurses.  These applications caught our eye, expect to find them at a hospital near you:

  1. Visual Dx Mobile: this reference tool focuses on dermatologic disease.  Using a visual differential diagnosis, practitioners can call up detailed, high resolution images of a variety of calamities, from scabies to scarlet fever, for instant comparison and diagnosis.  Nurses can additionally use the app to educate their patients on what to look out for.
  2. eFilm: one of the most impressive iPad app in the nurses technology toolkit is the eFilm radiology reader.  Rather than hang around a radiology viewing station, nurses now can take their x-ray and MRI viewing on the road.  This app allows for the easy manipulation and zooming of images.
  3. Blausen Human Atlas: this app includes 3D figures of human anatomy in striking detail, a complete medical glossary, and a library of videos explaining medical conditions.  The app is designed to promote patient-physician communication.
  4. Procedures Consult: actually a series of apps, Procedures Consult provides nurses with a number of procedures spanning Internal Medicine, Family Practice, Ob/Gyn, and many more.  The app is designed as a learning tool, and includes video tutorials and integrated clinical insights.
  5. Papers: this app allows the user to easily browse and read research papers, providing nurses with a convenient window onto the latest medical research.
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