7 Twitter Users Every Cancer Researcher Should Follow

Research and breakthroughs in treating cancer have meant that those afflicted with the condition have a far better rate of winning against this disease. This said, there is still a long way to go before mankind can claim complete victory over cancer. Cancer researchers are our key assets in the fight against this once-dreaded disease. And hopefully, just as smallpox has been eradicated, the world will possibly be free forever from the scourge of not only cancer but also AIDS and malaria – two other conditions for which no preventive vaccine exists.

Here we present seven twitter users that every cancer researcher should follow in order to stay abreast of the latest breakthroughs and interesting news from the field of oncology.

1. Breast Cancer News – The twitter page of Breast Cancer News, a place to get the latest information on the subject, research developments included. Gathered from various sources online, the site is a single-point source of news. Breast cancer is one of the most common forms of cancers affecting one in eight women in America; not many people know this but men are not immune from the condition and a little less than one percent of breast cancer cases are diagnosed in men.

2. Children’s Cancer – The twitter page of Children’s Cancer Research Fund, an organization committed to the eradication of cancer in children. Learn about research being carried out by the organization, its impact, stories of hope, and projects being funded by the organization. The site is an exhaustive resource on information on childhood cancer.

3. Arizona Cancer – The twitter page of Arizona Cancer Center, which has been active since 1976 to prevent and eradicate cancer. The center enjoys a NCI Specialized Program of Research Excellence (SPORE) grant for gastrointestinal cancers and is one of the only five centers in America to have this grant. The tweets are numerous and regular and inform on the activities of the center. The Cancer Center site is an authority portal on issues relating to women’s cancers, men’s cancers and various types of skin cancers.

4. Cancerwise – The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center’s blog sends out periodic tweets that inform and educate on the subject of cancer. The mission of the center is to completely eradicate cancer from the state of Texas and hopefully from the globe. Learn about research, prevention, and read stories of survivorship.

5. Cancer Research UK – The twitter page of Cancer Research UK, which the foremost charity in the world dedicated to research on cancer. The tweets are informational and informal with replies to queries and retweets too. An exhaustive repository of knowledge that can be accessed by the layperson and researchers who have issues of their interest presented in the “Research Highlights” section.

6. Cancer Research – Medical news on cancer research culled from sources all over the web. Learn about veggies that fight cancer, inspirational stories of cancer survivors, breakthroughs in identifying faulty body mechanisms, and more. Whether you’re a student, a researcher working in a lab, or a cancer survivor researching independently, the tweets here are diverse and informative with relevant matter for all.

7. Know Cancer – The twitter page of a social network dedicated to serve as a community and knowledge base for cancer survivors, kin of cancer patients, and researchers. Detailed information on the disease plus news, research, and stats can be found on the site. Find out the signs and symptoms, different stages, tests and treatment methods. Read about first-hand experiences.

The above listed twitter pages offer enough and more useful links to follow for all those wishing to research cancer. Medical students, medical professionals, patients and their kin can follow these twitterers and find information of general use and particular relevance to their case.

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