Top 50 Blogs About HIV and AIDS

Are you uncertain about when an AIDS patient may require hospice care? Do male AIDS patients need different care than female AIDS patients? This list of top 50 Blogs about HIV And AIDS may help answer those questions for patients, families, nurses and other caregivers.

This list is categorized, and each link is listed alphabetically within those categories.

AIDSPersonal Blogs

  1. A Boy, A Girl, A Virus: A story and guide to educate the public about sexual health, based upon a relationship.
  2. A Positive Voice: A woman’s account of growing up HIV positive, the struggles and victories of living each day.
  3. A River Runs Through It: River Huston is an award-winning poet, journalist, performer and activist who travels through the U.S. speaking on sexuality, communication and other issues.
  4. Adrienne’s HIV Blog — Hivine’s Weblog: HIVINE is written by HIV positive women who still have a “sense of humor.”
  5. Bonus Round: This blog, one of the first to deal with HIV/AIDS, describes the hardships and struggles of living with AIDS.
  6. Letters to the Empire: This blogger is “particularly intrigued by that quintessentially postmodern phenomenon, ‘HIV’ & Aids, & the entire tangled web of conflicting human interests surrounding it.”
  7. My Unusual Journey With HIV: A lawyer by profession, the author discusses how self-care, friendships and relationships affect gay men living with and under the threat of HIV.
  8. My Journey With AIDS: An account of being diagnosed and surviving with HIV/AIDS compounded with childhood/adult trauma
  9. Positive Indeed: Richard discusses how the power of humor and a positive attitude can be antidotes against HIV/AIDS.
  10. Queer Poz and Colored: Chronicles a poet, playwright and blogger’s experiences dealing with his fear and self-stigma.
  11. Still Arriving: Nominated for Best Health Blog, this blog chronicles the author’s use of medications and their side effects.
  12. Voice Of One: This blogger details how she dealt with being diagnosed HIV positive after being newly married and 11 weeks pregnant.
  13. Welcome to Surviving HIV — Nelson Vergel’s Blog: This HIV activist posts articles and interviews that he deems important and not widely discussed.


  1. HIV/AIDStribe: These bloggers focus on HIV/AIDS on a site that includes groups, health information, galleries and more.
  2. nam Aidsmap Blog: This blog is just one educational tool in a site that contains information about HIV.
  3. POZ: Short for “positive,” POZ is a national, award-winning magazine and blog site for people living with, and affected by, HIV/AIDS.
  4. TowleRoad’s AIDS/HIV Hub: This site, geared toward homosexuals, focuses on AIDS and HIV in this blog.
  5. Visual AIDS: A blog showcasing the artwork of AIDS patients to inspiring dialogue and support.
  6. Volunteer Positive: The Volunteer Positive community empowers people affected by HIV to be engaged global citizens.
  7. Volunteering At Project Transitions: A collective blog by volunteers dedicated to ensure that AIDS patients and their families receive housing and hospice.
  8. Who’s Positive: A compilation blog supported by many contributors living with AIDS.


  1. Aid Watch: The Aid Watch blog is a project of New York University’s Development Research Institute (DRI).
  2. AIDS Policy Project: This blog focuses on science-based AIDS research and research-related topics and is intentionally written for a general audience.
  3. AIDS Treatment News: This blog carries the latest information about AIDS treatment.
  4. AIDS Walk — AIDS Treatment Information: This blog covers various AIDS and HIV treatment ideas.
  5. AIDS.ORG: The mission of AIDS.ORG is to help prevent HIV infections and to improve the lives of those affected by HIV and AIDS.
  6. AIDSmeds: This site carries news, information and tools to provide people living with HIV with necessary information for empowered treatment decisions.
  7. David Barr: This blogger goes into detail about the treating HIV in its early stages.
  8. HIV and ID Observations: Dialogue open to medical matters concerning HIV/AIDS.
  9. HIV Testing News: This new blog focuses on news about treatments, tests and more, with links to learn how to get tested for HIV/AIDS.
  10. HIV/AIDS: This blog was created by the Stanford School Of Medicine to help educate and inform the public about HIV/AIDS news and developments.
  11. HIV/AIDS Skepticism: This blog points to evidence that HIV is not the necessary and sufficient cause of AIDS.
  12. Intellectual Property Watch AIDS: This directory provides all articles written about AIDS and treatment drugs.
  13. The HIV viral load blog: This is a blog about HIV viral load monitoring and increasing access for everyone. Written for professionals by employees of Cavidi.
  14. The Open Society Foundations Blog: This blogger shares 30 years of experience and offers hope for improved human rights and justice.
  15. Treating HIV: This blog is maintained by LEXIVA, a company that produces a protease inhibitor for HIV patients.

InformationInformation And Resources

  1. AIDS Action Committee’s Blog: Created to educate health professionals and the public about HIV prevention, provides services for infected women, children and men.
  2. AIDS/HIV Blog: A guide created by an HIV/AIDS nurse educator and author. Highly informative.
  3. All About HIV/AIDS: Use this blog to learn the basics about HIV and/or AIDS.
  4. A lengthy and detailed blog concerning research, new media and information for conferences and events.
  5. Criminal HIV Transmission: A collection of published news stories, opinion, and resources about “so-called ‘HIV crimes’.”
  6. HEAL London: HEAL London is a non-profit voluntary organization whose primary purpose is to provide support and education to people diagnosed HIV+ or with illnesses that have been classified as AIDS.
  7. HIV Prevention Justice Alliance: This blog represents a network of organizations advocating for effective and just HIV prevention policies for the United States.
  8. HIV This Week: This blog is from the office of the Chief Scientific Adviser to UNAIDS.
  9. Keep a Child Alive: This blog talks about lifesaving medications and care to children and families living with HIV/AIDS in Africa and India.
  10. Male Circumcision and HIV: This blog provides a place for a public health policy debate on the linking of male circumcision and HIV/AIDS.
  11. MedWorm’s HIV Blog Tag: Use this resource to find blog entries focused on AID and HIV.
  12. Oxfam Archive for the ‘HIV/AIDS’ Category: This is Oxfam’s blog about AIDS from a global perspective.
  13. The AIDS Beacon: The Beacon provides objective and unbiased news and other information related to AIDS and HIV for patients and their families.
  14. The Global Coalition on Women and AIDS: This is a worldwide alliance of civil society groups, networks of women living with HIV, women’s organizations, AIDS service organizations and the UN system.
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