40 Best Online Libraries and Resource Collections for Nurses

As you embark on your career as a registered nurse, it can be helpful to have access to information that can help you become a better care provider. Nurses are often with their patients more than doctors are, and they have a real chance to make a difference in the lives of their patients. One of the best things you can do as a nurse is stay current on what is happening, and continue to grow your knowledge.

If you are looking to increase your knowledge as a nurse, you can do so by using online resources to continue learning. There are a number of great resources that can provide you with knowledge and support. Here are 40 great online libraries and resource collections to help you improve yourself as a nurse:

Nursing Libraries

These libraries are especially designed as repositories of knowledges aimed at nursing. They provide you with great insights and references to different aspects of nursing.

  1. Nursing Tools for DUMC: Get access to a number of resources especially for nursing from the Duke University Medical Center Library.
  2. Internurse: Search a library of nursing articles from around the web. Great resources from the U.K.
  3. Nursing Library at Yale: Resources aimed at nurses from Yale Medical. Plenty of great information.
  4. Pharmacy, Nursing and Health Sciences Library: A great resource from Yale, this nursing library also includes great resources in pharmacy and general health science.
  5. Nursing Library: Access to nursing theories, care plan examples and more, this nursing library offers a number of tools and resources.
  6. Nursing Biology Library: A nursing library with an emphasis on biology. A great resource for any nurse looking for a solid scientific knowledge base.
  7. Nursing Objects Library: Learn more about nursing, nursing success and even get access to some humor.
  8. Nursing: This research guide and library from Virginia Commonwealth University offers access to a number of helpful resources that any nurse can make use of.
  9. Virtual Library Health Sciences — Urbana For Nursing: Virtual nursing library with resources on a number of subjects related to nursing and better patient care.
  10. Nursing: This nursing resource from the Medical University of South Carolina is full of information and resources that nurses can use to enhance their health care abilities.

Medical Libraries and Publication Resources

In addition to nursing libraries online, there are also sources of other medical publications. Medical libraries can provide a wealth of information, and there are other web sites that offer you the chance to search through publications, looking for information and knowledge that can be of use.

  1. Welch Medical Library: A number of great medical resources from Johns Hopkins. Includes nursing tools as well as general medial information.
  2. PubMed: One of the best resource collections of peer-reviewed journal articles out there. Great source of medical information.
  3. National Library of Medicine: The National Institutes of Health has this great medical library that anyone can access. Great resource for nurses.
  4. Library of the National Medical Society: A great online resource for medical and health care information. Perfect for nurses.
  5. The Doctors’ Medical Library: Great resource for nurses as well as doctors. Includes health care basics, as well as other helpful information.
  6. Weill Cornell Medical Library: Resources, journals and more related to medicine. A helpful resource for nurses — or anyone else.
  7. eMedicine: This medical reference collection from Medscape is a reputable source of information. Learn about any subject, and become a better nurse with your knowledge.
  8. Moody Medical Library: Offers access to ebooks, and other great resources that nurses and other health care professionals can make good use of.
  9. Bio-Medical Library: A great library resource from the University of Minnesota. Perfect for nurses and others working in health care.
  10. NYU Health Sciences Library: Provides e-resources, access to journals and databases, and other useful tools for researching and learning.

Nursing and Medical Open Courseware Collections

If you are interested in learning in a more structured way, you can make use of nursing and medical open courseware collections. These free resources can help you learn more about the human body — and how to care for it. Great resources for any nurse.

  1. UMass Boston OpenCourseWare: Get access to different courses in nursing, biology and psychology. Very useful for nurses.
  2. Health Sciences and Technology: MIT offers open courseware on heath topics that can be useful for nurses.
  3. JHSPH Open Courseware: Get access to helpful courses and resources from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.
  4. Tufts School of Medicine: A great resource collection of opencourseware classes on medicine. You can also get access to courses from the school of nutrition science.
  5. Webcast.Berkeley: You can look through these great courses from Berkeley. Webcasts of a number of courses, including health and medicine courses.
  6. Open & Free Courses: Carnegie Mellon University offers great courseware opportunities. Nurses especially can benefit from biology, biochemistry and research methods.
  7. Health and Social Care: Check out these great open courseware offerings from The Open University. You can also take helpful psychology courses.
  8. Stanford: Go to Standord’s iTunes University and see great video and hear awesome audio related to a number of subjects, including health and medicine.
  9. Medicine: Watch e-seminars and more with this opencourseware collection from Columbia University.
  10. U-M Open Educational Resources: The University of Michigan provides great opencourseware classes on medicine, nursing and public health.

Nursing Communities: Collective Knowledge

In addition to more formal libraries and collections, you can also take advantage of nursing communities that provide a wealth of collective knowledge. Get information resources, and look through collections of answers to nursing collections, while getting pointed in the right direction.

  1. Nursing Center: You can get access to articles, news, and journals. Offers a nursing library online, and other helpful resources.
  2. Nurse Zone: Access articles, resources and collections of information.
  3. American Nurses Association: News, research, career opportunities and other helpful resource collections.
  4. Nurse.com: You can get access to collective knowledge in the forums. You also get access to career and job collections, and continuing education help.
  5. Exceptional Nurse: Access different resources, articles and more related to nursing.
  6. All Nurses: Plenty of information, resources and more related to nursing.
  7. Cybernurse: A collection of resources on a number of subjects related to nursing.
  8. Advance for Nurses: Resources, articles and helpful hints on nursing. A great web site to visit.
  9. Nurse Connect: A collection of resources on career, helping patients and more. Includes forums.
  10. Board of Registered Nursing: This is a great information resource from Canada.
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