40 Interesting RN’s Worth Following on Twitter

If you are interested in nursing, you have a number of resources at your disposal, thanks to technology. Our connected world makes it possible for you to find nurses who can provide you with insight, as well as good advice. The Internet is full of opportunities to network with other nurses. One of the best places to connect with nurses is via Twitter. You can get real world knowledge of life in the nursing profession, and even glean some insights that can help you with your own career. If you are looking for a career in nursing, or if you are interested in life in this fast-paced health care career, you can follow the Twitter feeds of these 40 interesting RNs:

General Nursing

These nurses have a lot to say about nursing, and about life in general. You can get insights into a variety of nursing fields and experiences when you follow these nurses on Twitter.

  1. @not_ratched: This spunky nurse has some irreverent insights and thoughts.
  2. @creatures57: Learn more about life, nursing and…drumming. An interesting nurse with plenty of interests to tweet about.
  3. @ElderCareRN: You will have to get permission to follow these tweets, but they are interesting and thoughtful.
  4. @ali_rn: Tweets about being a mother and nurse. Plenty of interesting things to read here.
  5. @allseeingjamus: Funny take on nursing and on life. This U.K. nurse has some great observations.
  6. @marachne: Specializing in palliative care, this nurse has insight into death and dying, as well as thoughts on politics and life.
  7. @karlaRN: This grandma knows about nursing and has plenty to say about living life.

Labor and Delivery, Nurse Midwife and Breast Feeding

If you have interests related to childbirth, these nurses are great resources. Follow these nurses to learn more about having children, and about other issues that come with the territory.

  1. @nursemidwife: Plenty of insights into all things midwifery and women’s wellness. Tips, ideas and more.
  2. @sherrycnm: This certified nurse midwife shares thoughts on politics, health care reform, life and lactation.
  3. @birthnbabynews: This nursing assistant professor and midwife tweets about natural born kids and breastfeeding.
  4. @Ehretha: This L&D nurse offers plenty of interesting thoughts on children, life and nursing. Sometimes funny insights into her own love.
  5. @ldjemixon: This student nurse works in labor and delivery, and tweets about the craziness of life. And life can get pretty crazy.
  6. @Doulakath: She’s not a RN, but this doula’s insights on birth are interesting.

Emergency Department and Critical Care

Life in the emergency room can be hectic, and life in critical care can get very fast paced. These nurses know what it’s like to take care of those who have serious injuries or illnesses. ER nurses, as well as NICO and ICU nurses, share their thoughts online.

  1. @NurseDan: Good luck trying to keep up with this ER nurse and PhD student. Learn more about health innovation as well.
  2. @nursewendy: This ICU nurse offers interesting insights on nursing while working on a master’s degree in women’s health.
  3. @Nicurnmama: Updates from this fun NICU nurse. Also, she juggles. A fresh perspective.
  4. @Cynical_Nurse: Snarky tweets from this ICU nurse, who also provides services as a critcal care transport RN. Confronting some of the horrors of life with humor.
  5. @MikeERNurse: Insights from this emergency department nurse who has plenty of interesting things to say about life and nursing.
  6. @nursingpins: Nursing history and information on nursing items collections from this critical care nurse.
  7. @Emergiblog: The Twitter account of the author of one of the most well-known emergency nursing blogs.
  8. @ernurses: News tidbits from the world of emergency room nursing. Plenty of interesting — and off the wall — headlines.

Nurse Practitioners

If you want to go beyond being a registered nurse, and into a more autonomous situation, you can continue your education and become a nurse practitioner. If you are interested in life as a NP, these Twitter feeds can give you a good idea of what goes on.

  1. @trempy: This nurse practitioner is into kayaking and dogs, and offers insights into health and life.
  2. @StephenNP: Interesting range of health interests for this nurse practitioner.
  3. @candydye: This NP blogs about health and beauty, providing great ideas and health tips.
  4. @kchoma: Insights from this women’s health nurse practitioner. Includes thoughts about her efforts to get a doctorate of nursing degree.
  5. @NurseOnThis:Thoughts on being a NP, as well as political thoughts from a conservative perspective.
  6. @lucichick: This sports fan and music snob tweets about a number of things, including her experiences as a NP.
  7. @maxenurse: Updates from this British nurse practitioner.

Nurse Consultants

There are a number of RNs that have acumen in other areas as well. These professionals include consultants that can help you with nursing-related legal issues, or with business issues.

  1. @learae: You can get some business coaching from this nurse entrepreneur. Get an idea of what could be next for you — and how to get there.
  2. @HeckmanMedical: Get advice from this certified legal nurse consultant and NP.
  3. @Vickie_Milazzo: Offers helpful hints on legal nurse consulting, and on problems that might affect you.
  4. @joycollins: Provides insights on legal issues. This writer provides helpful, easy to understand ideas.
  5. @BonnieRN: Health consultant with great insights that can help you in your nursing efforts. A great resource.
  6. @vpmedical: Not only can you learn from this legal consultant and RN, but you can also get life care planning information. Versatile talents.

Nursing Career and Networking

Get insights and help regarding your nursing career. If you are ready to take the next step, these Twittering nurses can help. Also includes some nursing students.

  1. @JenRN: This nurse teacher provides great insights into becoming a nursing student. Helpful hints for those looking to take the next step — whatever it might be — in a nursing career.
  2. @NurseJanIAm: Great networking and professional information from this nurse working with the California Nurses Association.
  3. @WorkingNurse: Articles, job postings and more related to the career field of nursing.
  4. @minoritynurse: Learn more about a nursing career, and about networking, when you are a minority.
  5. @MedSurgNurses: Networking, news updates and career tips from the Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses.
  6. @nurse_careers: Just what it sounds like: job listings, career ideas and more.
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