5 Tips You Need to Stay in Nursing School

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Nursing school can be stressful and demanding.

Many of you join with very good intentions of completing. However, many students dropout and never graduate because of various reasons.

In this article, I want to discuss five tips that can help you stick it out to the end and graduate.


Plan well


Before you venture out and register, examine all the different areas in your life.

Ask yourself some critical questions and write the answers in your journal.

If you are married, think about how the busy school schedule will affect your relationship.

Do you have children? Who will care for them when you have to be in class or attend clinical sessions?

You may need a baby-sitter, a friend or relative to care for them when you are away from home or completing an assignment.

Taking online classes is a great way to study around your children’s schedule.


Overcome stress

There are so many expectations and deadlines to meet while in school. These can be stressful if you have a lot going on in your personal life.

Look and examine where your life is at this time. Are you going through some emotional difficulty like a divorce? Can you emotionally handle what you are going through as well as handle your studies? Think this through so that the stress of school does not add onto you emotionally.

If you feel you need counseling, don’t be shy about it and seek out a counselor.


Improve your time management skills


Managing your time is crucial when you are in nursing school. There is no time to waste. The program is busy, and there never seems to be enough time to complete your tasks.

Make a chart and schedule all the things you need to do every week. Try to stick to your schedule. Give yourself some time to relax no matter how busy you are. It could be for six hours or one day per week, take time to do something you enjoy.


Financial planning


Before you begin, you want to consider how much money attending college will take.

Remember, you are investing in yourself and it will cost you.

Knowing where the money will come from at the beginning is part of good planning, rather than starting your course and realizing you cannot afford to continue and you have to dropout.

If you dropout half way, you will have made a bad financial decision and probably only gained more debt that you could have avoided.

Do you have a sponsor? It could be your parents or your spouse.

How will being in school affect you financially? Will you take a loan to pay for the education, or do you hope to work as you attend college? Many students keep a part-time job to help pay their way through college.

Financial planning for you could mean you can only afford to take the minimum courses required per semester if your finances are low.


Prepare to pass tests and exams


This is the one that gets most students. Knowing how to study for exams and setting aside time to study is crucial.

Start with the belief that you can make it. Once you have the right mindset, the rest gets easier.

Study partners help as well. Find one that complements you.

Know what the best time to study is for you. Some people study best in the mornings and others in the afternoons, while some gain the most at night when everyone is asleep.

Whatever style suits you prepare to work hard.

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