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Assignments are always a challenge in college, but the parts most students struggle with are the group projects. Many nursing students wonder why instructors make them work in a group.

If you explore deep into the teaching profession, you arrive at the conclusion that good teachers are much more than people who simply convey knowledge to their students. They encourage their students to do their best. Moreover, worthy teachers always push their students to study in groups so that they can gain lots of benefits from others.


There are several benefits of studying in a group no matter who the members of the group are

The chance to talk about a particular subject within a group makes you focus more. You will work harder particularly if you are competing with other students or groups for the best marks.

If you are trailing behind in your studies because of illness, studying in a group can be worthwhile for you.

You get the opportunity to link and make connections with other students.

You can get assistance from others if you find some topics difficult to understand, or help them if they require assistance to learn a topic that you comprehend well.

Any subject matter will be argued in more detail, and this makes you understand the topic from a different perspective and view.

Group study brings various minds into play and capitalizes on the advantages of shared wisdom.


It’s not always positive when it comes to group studies

Sometimes one or more students in your study group turn out to be lazy, and you have to put up with them, despite the fact that you can’t relate to them -but have no choice because your teacher put them in your group.

The critical question to ask is? Are these students really lazy or is something else going on?

Very soon, you may realize that such students are exceptions to the rule, and the one size fits all approach does not suit them.

If you find you have one such student in your group, it’s your turn to play the role of a mentor.Question them to determine the cause of their dilly-dallying, inability to concentrate, feeling of incompetence, gloominess, or whatever it is they present.

Once you do that, you are sure to find out the root-cause of their lack of motivation.

When you mentor other students, you will inevitably take the initiative to gain more knowledge about the subject you are supposed to teach them. The benefit is they will respect you as a person, and you will become smarter.


Very soon, you will realize that those students you considered lazy were placed in your group because your teacher anticipated that they were deficient and were in need of help.

Motivate them to believe in themselves.

Students have been known to work hardest when they are answerable to somebody who is bothered about them. Let your classmates know you are as concerned about their well-being as your own.

Group projects have lots of great benefits as long as you are open-minded.

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