How to Choose a Nursing Job You are Passionate About



Being passionate about what you do is so important otherwise you will hate your work, get depressed, and eventually quit.

Statistics shows that about 50% of Americans hate their jobs according to the Gallup Study done this year. So how can you make sure you are not a nurse who hates your job?

Let’s start by defining what we mean by being passionate about your job.

When you are passionate about your job, it means you get so much pleasure out of it that you are willing to overlook the negative aspect of the job.

Every job comes with its negatives and positives. When you love your work, the negatives don’t bother you at all. In fact, you handle them with a smile.

Before you apply for a position as a nurse, you want to work in an area that suits your personality.

Work in a department you like

If you love being around young children, you may enjoy pediatrics. If children’s chatter and crying babies irritate you, there is no reason for you to get a job in the Pediatrics’ unit even if it was the only job that would hire you.

You could also be a school nurse if you like working with school age children.

If you love maternity and dealing with childbirth, maternal health is your area.

If you love the adrenaline rush caused by codes, and you love fixing people when they are on the verge of dying, Intensive care is your place. If you hate the stress and chaos that codes bring, then you want a unit that has stable patients like a regular medical or surgical floor.

If you like teaching and love being around students, you may want to work in a college. If lectures and marking papers and exams stress you, then stay away from a teaching career.

If you like the outpatient atmosphere where you deal with patients who have only come in for appointments, the doctor’s office or outpatient care facility is a good place for you.

Try different specialties

At the beginning of your career, you may not be sure what area suits you best. There is nothing wrong with trying out different departments to see which one you prefer most.

Don’t be miserable and stuck on one unit.  This will make you complain about how you hate your job. Move around a little, you will find what suits your personality, and the passion you develop for the work will make you overlook any challenges that may come.


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