The Secret to Getting Your Resume Noticed After College


Your primary goal after graduating is to make sure your  resume stands out. Clearly articulate what you can bring to your potential employer, and pay close attention to what you write. Your resume should be flawless and to the point, yet leaning toward action.

Since you are looking for your primary job, it is crucial that you write your resume in an inspirational way by emphasizing your desire to get the job.


Work Experience

The secret here is, to consider the distinctive talent you have sourced through knowledge, and associate it with the position you are applying to. Even though you have no work experience, you will show that you are relating your knowledge to the job.


Leadership Roles in College

Those of you, who consider college as a setting that supports advancement towards your ambition will have had some experience in having a leadership role.

Being a leader in college indicates that you can be a  successful leader at work.

You can also showcase that you are an effective communicator. Be honest and indicate that even though you are fresh from college, you are willing to learn any new skills.


What you Bring to the Employer

With  a multitude of fresh graduates, institutes and establishments are becoming more choosy when enrolling the appropriate person for the position at hand. It is therefore mandatory for you to advertise as well as promote yourself to the potential employer.

  • Illustrating to him or her that you have a good understanding of what they do and also be knowledgeable about the company you apply to.
  • Advertise yourself like a vendor sells his or her products. Be passionate and convincing.
  • Promote yourself like there is nobody else like you, even if you just graduated.
  • Never criticize or speak disloyally about your former employer even if it was a part-time college job. Instead, concentrate on using your previous work skills and accomplishments to influence your future employer.
  • Credentials and recommendations are an exemplary model to promote yourself.

Have credible references. The approval from somebody reputable is more authoritative compared to self-promoting.


Words to Use

People who read resumes do not have much time to focus on too many words.

Cut out the fluff. Be specific and use words like, “excellent communicator,” “motivated,” “willing learner,” “team player” and “result oriented.”

Avoid using passive sentences like, “I was a leader,” rather use active sentences like, “I am a leader.”

If you focus on these points, your resume is sure to get noticed.


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