Top 6 Interview Mistakes to Avoid

When you attend an interview, you do not plan on making any mistakes, in fact you prepare to do your best, however, you can get caught unawares and it is so easy to make these 6 common mistakes.

  1. Lying

When an interviewer asks you if you have experience in doing a particular task like; taking care of a patient on peritoneal dialysis, you may never have done so, but you may be tempted to say you have, just so you get the job.

The problem with lying is that the interviewer may decide to ask you to walk him or her through the process of what you did.

If you start guessing, it will be obvious and not reflect well on you. Another problem with lying is you have to remember the last lie you told – so as to keep up the act.

It is more credible to speak the truth. Be honest and if you do not have the experience, do not hesitate to let them know. They will respect you more for being truthful.

  1. Talking bad about your former employer

The way you refer to your former employer says a lot about you. If you are positive and objective, the interviewer will believe you will do the same for their company if they give you the job.

  1. Overconfidence

You definitely want to be confident when you attend an interview. However, you do not want to appear overconfident and proud. Do not give the impression that you already own the job. Be confident and humble – not proud.

  1. Begging

You may have been out of a job for a while, and you are truly desperate to get this job. But the last thing you want to do is to be seen as a beggar.

Avoid telling your interviewer tales about your personal life. Like; “I recently divorced, and I have four kids I need to care for – so I really need this job.”

You may think they will feel pity for you and give you the job, but the truth is, they will feel pity but decide you have too many problems to do a good job.

  1. Silence

When you do not know the answer to a question, avoid being silent. Ask another question or ask for clarification. For example; could you please explain that again?

Being silent creates an awkward and uncomfortable atmosphere, and you will certainly not get the job.

  1. No research

Make sure you do some research about the organization you are applying to.

Most organizations have a website that will give you a lot of information. Learn about the organizations leaders, how the company runs and gather as much information before you attend the interview.

When you are well prepared for the interview, you will most likely get the job.

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