Annoying Habits Nurses Should Avoid


At work, there are some annoying habits or pet peeves that some nurses do. You want to avoid being ‘the annoying nurse’ as much as possible. In this article, I’ll mention some common ones.

Walking past the call light
Some nurses will not answer the patients’ call light, even if it’s their patient. They always act like they are too busy. But the question remains; busy doing what? Ignoring call lights give other nurses more work because they pick up the slack.

Extra long breaks
We all deserve a break, don’t we? However, this should not be at the expense of your colleagues. Breaks are usually stated expressly regarding the duration that they may last. It is, therefore, inconsiderate for a nurse to take a long break and leave their colleagues with the extra duties and extra call lights to answer for a long time.

Leaving out relevant information 
It is good practice to give a detailed report particularly if procedures like going for surgery or a CT scan are involved. Omission to communicate critical information by a fellow nurse is a mistake that can result in grave consequences.

Moody nurses
It is well appreciated that we are all human and have emotions. Feeling sad is normal. But it becomes annoying when someone is moody and irritable from January to December.
Being moody creates an unpleasant work environment and also hampers the effort to do work as a team. Moody behavior leads to a bad reputation for the medical facility as the patients, and their family will probably spread the word about the ‘not so friendly’ care they received.

Resistant to change
Change is inevitable. Change is good. Some nurses may not be open to change, and this can be annoying. While we appreciate that adapting to new structures or environments may not be easy, we ought to understand that change brings progress, and this will be beneficial to all. Having a nurse who is unwilling to change to new ways of doing things hampers the progress that could be made. This situation is also hard to bear when dealing with a nurse who is not willing to change and is always complaining.

Constantly late
While it may be understandable that some unexpected emergencies may make an individual report to work late, it is not excusable when it repeatedly occurs and with no effort to improve. Nurses ought to manage their time well and make it to their shift on time. This is also being considerate to their colleagues who are ending their shift.

Doing the least to get by
Some nurses give their all at work. And then there are the ones who put in the minimum effort just to get by. Nursing is teamwork. It is annoying to deal with a nurse who does not engage in their work and makes life unbearable for the others.
As a nurse, try to be a team player who goes the extra mile. I once read a quote that said; “there is no traffic jam on the extra mile.”


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