How to Study for the NCLEX exam after Failing the First Time



The National Council Licensure Exam (NCLEX) determines if you are ready to practice as an entry-level nurse. The NCLEX examinations act as the bridge to starting your nursing career if you pass. On the other hand, failing the exam bars you from starting your career. You may have failed the NCLEX exams at your first attempt. In this article I want to discuss how you can change your study habits to make sure you pass on the next attempt.

Do several questions
You know the cliche, “practice makes perfect.”
Do several study questions to master the various types of questions that are asked as well as the answers that are expected. This will build your confidence because you become more familiar with the structure of the exam, and you will be able to comprehend what knowledge you are being tested on.

Borrow study material
There is so much content on the NCLEX exam. Ask and borrow from your friends and acquaintances. Going through the various types of content will enable you to get more information.
Borrow, CD’s, Video training and study questions.

Study partners
Two heads are better than one. Many people fail because they want to be the lone-ranger.
Nursing is teamwork. Use this philosophy to study for your exam. An area of weakness to you may be your study partner’s area of strength. Combining both efforts will enable you to study together and do questions or discuss concepts. You will benefit by getting assistance from study partners on how to tackle a question that might have proved difficult to you.

Get a tutor
A tutor will coach you in areas where you are weak. It would be advisable for you to get a tutor if you need some guidance and proper explanation on various concepts. Your tutor will guide you through the various concepts with explanations that make it all clear.

Prepare to spend some money
Everything has a price and if you value passing the NCLEX exam, be ready and willing to spend some money to be better prepared for the exam. Books cost money, a tutor charges a fee, and you have to pay to attend the classes. Invest in your education and be keen and willing to learn so as to make the best out of the tutoring services or the books that you may have purchased. With this, you will ensure that the benefit of investing in your education will be worth every penny.

Do mini-tests
Study any time you are free. Do several mini-tests to check on your speed and accuracy in doing exams. Spend a lot of time reading and studying as well as reviewing. Practice doing the mini-tests fast. Mini-tests will make you more capable of doing the exam with the speed, and accuracy required, and focus on the tricky questions.

By following these tips, you will master the test-taking skills, and be able to tackle the tricky NCLEX exam that tests your critical thinking skills. Success does not come easy, but the sacrifice that you make to pass the exam will be worth it, and will open the door to start your amazing nursing career.


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