The Importance of Constantly Educating Yourself


After graduation, we could say you are ready to live out your nursing career. Initially, the excitement of learning new information and experiencing new procedures keeps you motivated. Some nurses enjoy what they do and are always motivated. However, others begin to ask if “this is all?” Some nurses get bored once they have learned everything about the job. It then becomes more like a routine each and every day.

If you find yourself in this situation, you don’t have to remain there. Once your job becomes no longer challenging, educating yourself in a different nursing skill will do wonders to keep you excited about your career.

Here are five areas you could consider venturing in.

Become a Wound Nurse
Becoming a wound nurse is an interesting specialty. A wound/ostomy and continence (WOC) nurse provides care to patients with wounds.
As a WOC nurse, you will attend to patients with colostomies and ileostomies and provide them with post-surgery treatment. Ostomies are surgical openings which enable the elimination of bodily waste. Once you get your training and are a Certified WOC nurse, you will assess patients, manage wounds, and monitor healing. If you care for the elderly in a nursing home, you will also teach the staff how to prevent patients from getting bedsores.

Master’s Degree in Nursing
After practicing nursing for some years, your vast experience, coupled with the advanced education will make you capable of teaching nursing. You will be able to switch from practicing nursing to teaching nursing. The Masters Education and experience will offer you a great advantage to pass on the knowledge to the new and upcoming nurses.

Become a Nurse Practitioner
Becoming a nurse practitioner enables you to diagnose and treat chronic conditions and acute illnesses. Prescribing some medication is also allowed. Being registered as an advanced practice nurse means that you will have a wider scope and work without being under the constant supervision of a doctor. You will still need guidance, and different states have different rules, but it is a challenging and lucrative nursing field.

PICC Nurse
A peripherally inserted central catheter line is known as a PICC line. It is used in administering drugs that cannot be administered peripherally or to provide intravenous access for a longer period. This is useful in antibiotic therapy, chemotherapy regimens, and therapies which have an extended duration of treatment.
These catheters are used in highly sensitive medical procedures, and a PICC line nurse inserts it into the patient. You can become a Certified PICC nurse.

Psychiatric Nursing

Mental health is of great importance and patients with mental illnesses need to be attended to by an understanding nurse. Psychiatric nursing is great field you can venture in.
You will be trained in behavioral therapy as well as how to teach the patients and their family or friends how to handle the challenges which arise from psychiatric disorders. Most patients that a psychiatric nurse attends to are those diagnosed with conditions such as depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia. Psychiatric Nursing will offer you the chance to impact positively the lives of those facing mental illnesses as well as their loved ones.

Nursing is a career with diverse fields and you have a number of options should you find yourself asking; “Is this all there is?”
Opening yourself to various challenges and educating yourself will keep you motivated and will kick out the boredom many nurses experience. There are a number of areas in which you can practice nursing once you achieve the required qualification as well as experience.


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