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Joyce Fiodembo is a nurse and author. You can find plenty of resources on her blog;, where she writes to inspire and uplift nurses to thrive. Joyce is the author of “The Foreign Nurses Guide to Settling in America” and “How Nurses Cope with Difficult Coworkers” found on Her other book "Reflections and Prayers for Nurses" can be found on She started her career in Kenya where she worked as a travel, ICU and operating room nurse. Joyce works with nurses who may be struggling with cultural challenges, equipping them to settle down easily. She is also a career counselor, helping nurses with interview skills and resume writing among others. Currently working in Ohio, she enjoys volunteering for mobile clinics abroad. Joyce is passionate about writing and currently has a website with a goal of inspiring nurses worldwide. You can visit her website at
6 Inspiring things Nurses can do during the Holiday Season

The holiday season is the best time to inspire and rejuvenate yourself after a long year of several disappointments and stresses. There are simple things you can do that will make a difference in your life. Decorate Your home is your haven. It’s the place you retreat to after your …

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What Makes a Great Nurse Leader?

Great leadership is something we all want to see around us, yet many times we find it lacking. I once had an opportunity to work in a department that I knew I’d excel in, but after looking at the leader, I changed my mind and decided to work in a …

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How Nurses can Take Care of their Back

While you are busy taking care of everyone else, do not forget to take care of yourself -and especially your back. Due to the nature of work, lifting patients from one bed to another or from the wheelchair could end up hurting your back. Most nurses who leave the nursing …

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How to Study for the NCLEX exam after Failing the First Time

  The National Council Licensure Exam (NCLEX) determines if you are ready to practice as an entry-level nurse. The NCLEX examinations act as the bridge to starting your nursing career if you pass. On the other hand, failing the exam bars you from starting your career. You may have failed …

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Annoying Habits Nurses Should Avoid

At work, there are some annoying habits or pet peeves that some nurses do. You want to avoid being ‘the annoying nurse’ as much as possible. In this article, I’ll mention some common ones. Walking past the call light Some nurses will not answer the patients’ call light, even if …

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6 Ways Nurses can Handle Criticism at Work

Nursing is a busy and demanding career. When you do a good job, you expect to be acknowledged and praised. However, there are times you will experience criticism as well. In this article, I share some tips on what you can do when criticized. Be open While relating to other …

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The Importance of Constantly Educating Yourself

After graduation, we could say you are ready to live out your nursing career. Initially, the excitement of learning new information and experiencing new procedures keeps you motivated. Some nurses enjoy what they do and are always motivated. However, others begin to ask if “this is all?” Some nurses get …

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How to Prevent Nurse Burnout

Burnout is an emotional, physical and mental state characterized by exhaustion caused by prolonged and excessive levels of stress. When you experience burnout, you feel overwhelmed and unable to meet the demands facing you. Continuous stress makes you feel less motivated or interested in your role that you may have …

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How New Nurses Can Overcome Job Anxiety

Being the new nurse on the floor is one of the most intimidating feelings anyone can have. Many nurses suffer from ‘new job anxiety’ which is as bad or the same anxiety you get when you are making a major life decision. Starting your first job as a nurse can …

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Exam Tips for Mature Nursing Students

Many adults change careers at an older age and decide to go back to college. Going to nursing school after several years of being away from a learning environment has its own challenges. The last time you studied for an exam was probably over ten yours ago, and now as …

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